Benefits Telephone Conference Call

Conference Call

Benefits of a Telephone Conference Call

Obviously, any time there is a third party on the line; a telephone conference call is taking place. Of course, when done with family or friends, that term is seldom used even though in some cases it is quite appropriate when decisions are being made or information being disseminated. Moreover, telephone conference calling really requires no more than two mobile phones or a speakerphone in one location.

Alternatively, three-way calling that allows a second outgoing call to be added to a phone already in use is available from most phone service providers for an additional fee.

However, telephone conference calling is usually considered a business activity used to provide benefits beyond one-on-one calls. Allowing live communication with employees and /or clients in diverse locations, telephone conference calls serve a multitude of purposes and potential benefits. For small businesses with limited locations, a simple three-way phone service and investment in speakerphones are easily the cheapest first step into the world of telephone conference calling. Some common situations for telephone conference calling include:

  • A business executive or owner may want to conduct a discussion with individuals in their company’s different offices in the various geographical region of a country or the world.
    • A sales representative might need to discuss product specifications and the possibility of joint sales and shipping with different customers in a different country and not spend precious time on multiple faxes and/or emails.
    • An important presentation or the sharing of information with distant colleagues requires personal responses and discussion rather than sending a copy of a .ppt file.
    • An up to the minute training session is needed for sales staff in varied locations regarding a new sales initiative or sales presentations for a new product.

 telephone conference calls are the most obvious solution

What are the benefits?

Perhaps the two most obvious are the immediacy of communication and, in some cases, the chance for interaction between that employee with common concerns whether in sales, production, marketing or other key segments of a company regardless of the employee’s locations.see

Placing any obvious monetary value on the benefits of these uses of telephone conference calling is difficult, if not impossible. However, with a little effort, one can easily gain a sense of the financial benefits from the avoidance of unnecessary travel expenses domestically and/or internationally.

It does not take much thought to realize that much of this cannot be accomplished, at least for even a medium sized company, with the mere purchase of a few speakerphones and additional phone services. In addition, the eventual expense of having internal employees capable of scheduling, setting up, and managing a successful telephone conference call.

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