Why You Choose Virgin Mobile phones Plans, Roaming Policy

Virgin Mobile

Why You Choose Virgin Mobile phones Plans, Roaming Policy


When it comes to prepaid phone world, Virgin Mobile is one of the biggest names in the Industry. Virgin Mobile is a no-contract provider on the nationwide mobile sprint network. Founded in 2001, the company was a joint venture between Sprint Corporation and Virgin Group. At virgin mobile, they connect people around the world to the things that are important in life. They provide customers with flexibility and control via unlimited mobile phone plans and no-contract on the sprint network. A collection of quality phones ranging from small phones to Androids and iPhones are obtainable at over 40,000 retail stores all over the country. Also available online are the Virgin mobile top-up cards and can also be gotten at the nationwide retail stores.


Why you should choose Virgin Mobile phones, Virgin Mobile Plans

It is safe to say it is indeed a smart decision to opt for prepaid, and this is where Virgin Mobile comes as the best choice when doing so, they will help you with all your wireless needs. Among their exclusive packages, they are widely known for are international calling options, high-speed data packs, mobile hotspots, music, games and more; Virgin Mobile is a current leader and as well as a pioneer when it comes to prepaid industry. When it comes to pocket-friendly buys without holding back the quality, Virgin Mobile comes through for you.

Virgin Mobile offers great quality phones, less contractual and financial commitment and good service all at affordable price. Wireless customers can find Virgin Mobile phones fitted for their various needs ranging from entry level to Androids and to iPhones by choosing them for your best-prepaid service. Virgin Mobile customers have the opportunity of adding data packs to their monthly plans, which start from a meager amount of $5 monthly for 16GB. Virgin Mobile also provides a $25 Wi-Fi plan for text and talk for their customers, which they can use wherever there is a Wi-Fi connection.


Virgin Mobile customer service and their roaming policy

Are you ready to call Virgin Mobile? If yes, getting through to them is very easy and cool as you may like. You can reach them in two ways, you complete either their online customer service form or reach them on the Virgin Mobile customer service number-1-888-322-1122. Virgin Mobile phone representatives are available Monday through Friday from 4 a.m. to 8 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, and Saturday and Sunday 4 a.m. through 7 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

Roaming is when your phone picks up an oversea network and it’s being detected, then network and expensive roaming rates begin. If you pick up any call or voicemail while your phone is running on the overseas network, you will be charged according to the roaming rate. There is no roaming policy at Virgin Mobile because they offer no roaming service at all in the US for prepaid wireless plans. Roaming service seems to be available for other plans, from Virgin Mobile in Canada, and other places. Moreover, if you’re in an area where Virgin Mobile can’t provide your mobile phone a signal because their coverage isn’t there, and you have a prepaid wireless plan, your mobile phone can’t place or receive calls.


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